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What Patients Say

Tom graduated in 1982 obtained his membership exams of the FGDP in 1987 and his implant diploma from the Royal College of London in 2007.

Tom has been fully committed to postgraduate education in order to offer the latest treatment to patients but has also been interested in the education of dentists i.e. student dentists and new graduates. He has worked at Glasgow Dental Hospital as a visiting practitioner since 2003 teaching in the student clinics and he has been part of the vocational training system for new graduates for 12 years. Tom has attended postgraduate courses in Scotland, England Germany, Switzerland and Italy

A number of firsts for Tom at the practice include being one of the first dentists in Scotland to offer Smile Design veneers/crowns after training with top cosmetic dentists from the USA. First practice in Scotland to purchase Zoom Whitening power light and first practice in East Kilbride to place dental implants in practice.

“From my first consultation with Mr Lamont I was confident he could provide me with the teeth I wanted, to say I was pleased with the results would be an understatement. My original teeth were small, discoloured and squint, I always hated them and would always laugh and smile with one hand over my mouth, now my teeth are longer, completely straight and shining white. Getting porcelain veneers has been the best money I have ever spent and I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who wasn’t happy with there own teeth.”

Age 26, Female, Lanarkshire, GL

“I have never liked my teeth, the shape, the colour, there was just nothing nice about them. I was extremely happy with the finished result it exceeded all my expectations. It has been the best decision I have made to get them done. Strangers compliment them all the time, even my own sister was so envious that she got hers done too. I just wish I had been able to get them done years ago!”

Age 47, Female, East Kilbride, GA

“Having endured the discomfort of wearing a denture for more than 20 years, I decided to enquire about the possibility of implants at Lamont’s Dental Surgery. I was extremely apprehensive at first, however Mr. Lamont gave me an overview of what implants entailed and explained in detail the various stages of the implant process. This was conditional on my suitability for this procedure which would be determined by a few initial examinations. These proved to be positive and I agreed to have six implants. At every stage of the process Mr. Lamont took great care to explain procedures and I was always made to feel reassured and comfortable with the treatment by Mr. Lamont.”

Age 57, Female, TD

“Although the whole process was lengthy from beginning to the final stage it was relatively painless. Mr. Lamont took great care and his attention to detail was exemplary. I have now completed the process and my implants are in place. I am delighted with the outcome and I wish I had had the opportunity of implants years ago. It’s still hard to believe that I can now smile confidently and I even feel much younger! The result has had a hugely positive impact on my personal and professional confidence. Aftercare is extremely important and both Mr. Lamont and the practice hygienist explained exactly how best to care for my new teeth. Needless to say I do this religiously as I am proud of the result and the new oral comfort I now enjoy. Clearly, I would have no hesitation in recommending implants to patients similar to myself. The end result has been truly wonderful and I will always be grateful that I have had the opportunity to smile with confidence again!

Age 57, Female, East Kilbride, DT