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Why Choose Us

Our Practice

The Lamont Clinic has changed direction many times over the past 30 years.

The practice originally opened in 1960 and Tom took over in 1987. It was at that time a one dentist practice and over the years Tom expanded to a six dentist practice. In 2004 due to restrictions on the range of treatments offered by the NHS the practice became independent.

Recently two new dentists have joined the practice, Tom’s son and his daughter in law.  This means that we have been able to expand the practice to treat more patients. With this in mind we have a number of priorities we would like to stress to patients both old and new. These are:

  • Treatment: You choose, your treatment
  • Trust: Trust Us
  • Availability

We see our main role as diagnosing the treatment that you need and then explaining the treatment options available to you. This can range from stabilising your mouth to cosmetic treatments. From NHS to private or a mixture of both.

We enjoy nothing better than to sit down and explain to patients their options available and then formulate a plan to achieve what the patient wants.

We are flexible enough to complete treatments very quickly or move towards a desired aim over a period of time that the patient dictates.

Only then will treatment commence, once you have given full consent.

So the patient controls what treatment they get, how long it will take and how much it will cost. That’s our promise.

You can choose between the following three options:

  1. Fully NHS
  2. Fully private
  3. Mix of NHS and private

The mix of NHS and private is increasingly popular with patients. This option will allow you to have the ‘safety net’ of the NHS whilst allowing you to include  a private element to your treatment.

For example, white fillings on back teeth are not available on the NHS. Therefore you can have your NHS check up and get a white filling on a back tooth OR get a cosmetic private crown for a front tooth rather than a standard NHS crown OR we have recently introduced the option of staying in the NHS but opting to have a private very affordable hygienist plan.

We have provided private dentistry in the Clinic for over 20 years using top laboratories around the world, including Los Angeles, Germany and more.So we can say that if you choose us you will be coming to a practice that has a history of delivering the highest standard of private care while now also providing quality NHS treatments to give you peace of mind with cost. Why not join a practice that is used to delivering private treatments and have the peace of mind of the NHS (best of both)